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International Puppyshipper Day

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IPD 3! [Sep. 25th, 2008|08:42 am]
International Puppyshipper Day

We're back on again this year. October 25.
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Happy (late) Puppyshipper Day, everyone! [Oct. 27th, 2007|09:32 pm]
International Puppyshipper Day

[mood |geeky]

Hey there, I'm Abi and I just celebrated my first Puppyshipper Day! I've been a Remus/Sirius fan for about six months now, so obviously I didn't celebrate last year.

   Well, I only heard about Puppyshipper Day even existing about a week ago, so I don't have any über-cool t-shirts to show off. In fact, with no camera I have no pictures...sorry.
  Anyway, Thursday was the day I set off on a Ranger camp (Rangers is vaguely like Brownies, it's where you go after Guides) with my fellow puppyshipper and friend Claire, and we're both fairly crazy so I could tell it was going to super-fun. I went and bought some beads, and made myself a "MOONY" bracelet and Claire a "PADFOOT" one, and they had hearts on too =D.
    We arrived and there was general squeeing, but the best part of the day had to be that night (if that makes sense). There were four of us sitting in a  huge field, (where all four of us spent many hours discussing Harry Potter and Potter Puppet Pals) it was nearly pitch black apart from the fire we were roasting marshmallows on. We were all wrapped up in blankets, and everything was all warm and snuggly and beautiful. Then I looked up at the sky, and saw a full moon peeking out from behind these wispy clouds which covered the sky. It was...gah, so perfect.

Of course, after that we went to the tent and drew many Remus/Sirius slogans on each other with permanent markers XP. It was the best Puppyshipper Day I've ever had!

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Happy Puppy Love's Day♥ [Oct. 26th, 2007|05:00 am]
International Puppyshipper Day

I'm sorry, I'm kinda late >_< But I could only update now♥ Me (as Lupin) and my friend (as Sirius) theblackmoral took some pictures to celebrate ^_____^

It's in this heart that you live...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 26th, 2007|12:24 am]
International Puppyshipper Day


I've got a bunch of pictures coming as soon as I can find the cord to my camera that will connect it to the computer! And more will be coming once I can get a picture of my friends' shirts and some notebooks that I left at school! And some of the photos are rather old because I celebrated on September 25, too. But I was too lazy to post photos then. That's also why some of them say, "9/25" instead of "10/25".

Oh, and I've got a question: What day are we celebrating next year? September or October?
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More Shoebox pride [Oct. 25th, 2007|08:19 pm]
International Puppyshipper Day


If you can't read it, it says "AZALEAS is to PRONGS as SOAP AND OLD BOOKS is to padfoot."  Yup, another Shoebox reference.  And an amazing grand total of... ZERO people got it!
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(no subject) [Oct. 26th, 2007|12:25 am]
International Puppyshipper Day

Happy Puppyshipping Day everyone! Sadly, PSD just ended in my timezone but here's some random stuff!

Here's what I wore for PSD!Collapse )
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eeek! the day is here!!! [Oct. 25th, 2007|01:31 pm]
International Puppyshipper Day

[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Life's Been Good- Eagles]

Here's a little gift in honor of International Puppyshipping Day!
I hope everyone's celebrating!

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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2007|03:00 pm]
International Puppyshipper Day

The Day is coming!!! *____*

Well, I'm new here but I'll certainly celebrate it this year!

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(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2007|11:13 am]
International Puppyshipper Day

[mood |chipperchipper]

I just wanted to call everyone's attention to this lovely rainbow puppy charm from Rainbow Gifts.

Something to add to your attire - or that of your puppy!

They've got a rainbow dogs garland, too!
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